Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thank You All!!

I have hit some milestones in the blogland, and thank you-s are an order.  XOXO!!

First, I want to thank Helen of Helen's Decor and Devon of Ironstone and Pine for recently honoring me with the Versatile Blogger Award.

It has not been the first time I have received the pear icon.  Barb and Dell of Barb and Dell Designs first bestowed this honor on me when I first started blogging.

I also would like to thank the authors of the blogs that have featured me:

Katie, at Craptastickatie, who featured me in a shout out on Grace!

Debbie of Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing- who featured my Swedish trunk make-over.  She also gave all of us newbies a chance with her Monday Newbie party.  I have now officially hit 100, so I have been ousted!  Thank you Debbie, for your kind support these past few months.

Lauren, of West Furniture Revival, who featured "Betty" my china cab this past summer, along with the Swedish trunk, and also "Sir St. Joseph."  Lauren is such an inspiration to me.  Her posts keep me on my toes and this girl knows what's hot in furniture!

Cassie of Primitive and Proper, who graciously featured "Grace's Debut."  Cassie has a renowned blog that has a huge following; it was truly fantastic to be singled out by her for my peacock-colored re-do.

I would also like to thank Andrea at Faded Plains.  She was my VERY FIRST follower to sign up when I was desperate for attention.  Andrea has inspired me for a few years, before I even started blogging.  She has a wonderful blog at Faded Plains, and also an etsy, where she sells marvelous vintage and country wares.  Thank you for your support, Andrea!  You gave me faith that night you signed on that this would work out after all!

I would like to thank a few fellow bloggers whom I consider to be my blog buds because they signed on pretty early and are faithful bloggers.  These women are GOOD EGGS:

*Pam, of House of Hawthornes
*Elizabeth, of Blue Clear Sky
*Barb and Dell, of Barb and Dell Designs
*Fiona, of Raindrops and Daisies
*CarolAnne, of Use the Good Dishes
*Robyn of The Farmer Family

I would also like to give a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Emily of Lovely Beasts.  She is my BBFF.  She and I have bonded over grainsacks and old newsprint.   I am pretty sure she and I have also been separated since birth and have reunited online.  I really feel a connection with you Em, and you are special.  You and I are going to go places here in blogland when we get the details ironed out of our stinky grainsacks.  I tell Em all my deep dark blog- author secrets and she listens with patience to my ramblings.

I would also like to thank some big time bloggers who continue to inspire me everyday.  I have been reading their blogs for years, before I actually started blogging myself.  I can honestly say I probably would have never started blogging if I hadn't been inspired by these women:

*Andrea, of Faded Plains
*Anne, of Fiona and Twig
*Melaine, of My Sweet Savannah
*Mary, of Urban Farmgirl
(some of them probably don't know me, as they have followers in the thousands, but I love them and their style all the same).

I would also like to thank all 100 FOLLOWERS (!) who have helped push me and get me to this point.  Thank you for signing on to be a chicken on the prairie!

(I know this chicken head is a tad out of focus, but it's too hilarious not to re-post).

Finally, I will leave this post with a big XOXO to Dan, my man, who is the operating self-titled QC (quality control) around here and my hub of 12+ years.  He understood my need and desire to start this, with my unfulfilled artist's soul yearning, and he started the blog for me, figured out and taught me how to do things when I was/still am confused and slow about computers, and helps me hunt out and repair prairie doves (he handles operational rehabbing and I handle cosmetics).  Without him, I am lost in this world, in more ways than I care to imagine.  Also, he is in charge of transportation ( as part of his family obligation) so he plays an important role in this.  (In case you were wondering, he is also in charge if recreation.  I am in charge of fashion and sanitation.  We both take turns on nutrition).

We are a team, always have been a team, and always will be a team.   If you want a solid marriage, go to church together every Sunday and your reasons to be thankful will be continuously revealed to you.

God Bless, and may you all have a great week!!

Regards, Andrea

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Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

Awww...that makes me sad and happy. I always am happy to see your milestones, but sad to see you go. I do hope you still pop over and see whats new. I do host a magazine copy cat challenge party once a month, so try to get in on that sometime. Thank you for being part of the newbie party.

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

What a (lovely!) surprise to see my name listed among the people you are thanking! How sweet of you. I only follow blogs that are full of inspiration, are thought-provoking and are fun...and yours is all of these!

Barb and Dell said...

Congratulations Andrea on your 100 followers! I have loved you blog from the first time I found it and am happy to have signed on as one of your earliest followers. Thanks for mentioning us.

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Andrea,

A big "WELL DONE" to you on your award and
slso on your 100 followers.

You have a lovely blog and I always enjoy reading it, even though sometimes it makes me feel very inadequate when I see the wonderful restoration work you do and I can barely dust a table!!!!

You are a very talented lady.

Love the chicken photos and the photo of your little girl is so cute.

Congrats again and I know that you have many many more wondeful posts yet to write.

x Fiona

Emily@LovelyBeasts said...

Yay congrats on 100! This is such an kind and wonderful post. Taking the time dedicate an entry to your friends and followers, and I get a special shout-out? You're awesome.

Vanessa said...

Hi, Andrea

Congratulations on your award and your 100 followers! I so enjoying stopping by and reading your blog and I love the chicken pictures as well. Thank you for stopping by last week. I appreciate your kind words. Have a Bless week.


Faded Plains said...

Congrats Andrea on 100 followers! Your furniture makeovers are wonderful and inspiring...I always enjoying visiting you ;o)

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

Thank you for all the nice things you said about me. I'm sorry i didn't see this post earlier!

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