Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Lion and the Lamb

Happy Easter to All!

Let us all revel in the miracles of God.

Today, I'd like to tell you a love story about my friend, "K."

For K, March came roaring in like a lion.

K was just diagnosed with a rare, aggressive ovarian cancer, at age 19.
The stakes are high.
She is a stunning girl, a former student and recent graduate of mine.  She had been my student for four years and is one of the most dynamic artists I have ever been privileged to have in my classroom.  K is a gifted painter, a very hard worker, a dedicated artist, and an utterly good person. 

Everyday, she inspired the younger students to work harder,
to challenge themselves as she challenged herself.
I know this, because they have told me.

She has been confronted with a beast of a disease.
She is truly a tender lamb
who knows the difference between right and wrong.

She is a young, courageous woman.
She has recently selflessly cut off her own hair to donate to others.
She wanted to do it on her own terms.

We are all asking God to be her lion right now.

To be her champion.

The battle is His.

Her tumor has been completely removed
 and she begins further treatment next week.

K, I am praying for your full recovery.

You are in my heart daily.

I love you!
I have loved you since I met you as a freshman
and understood your creative hunger.

I love you more now for the person you have grown into and become
over the last five years.

Me & K (before she donated her hair).

May we all have courage and faith in life's trials.

Peace to you all, this week.  Jesus has risen
and He taught us to trust!
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Something Nice and Pretty said...

Wow, so young, I'll be praying for her daily!

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

What an awesome testimony. My prayers are with K.

NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful young girl and what a trial to go through. I am praying for her and her family and YOU because I believe you are probably a mentor to her and will have to stand strong. xo Diana

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Andrea, I will pray for your dear friend K. She is so young to have to go through this. But she has a great spirit and that's half the battle.

Maria @ All Things Luxurious said...

K will be in my prayers!

Deanne said...

Praying that K will know the peace of God while she undergoes treatment!

Red Rose Alley said...

May God bless your friend K, Andrea. I will say a prayer for her after I leave with this comment. She seems like such a wonderful person. I am thinking of her and sending love her way.
~Sheri at Rose Alley

Cottage and Broome said...

Will keep K in my thoughts and prayers. I hope she makes a full recovery, a lovely tribute. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

your a good friend and my prayers go out to your friend.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

What a precious young lady. She is blessed to have you as a friend and cheerleader. She'll be in my prayers!

Jann Olson said...

What a tender story of a courageous young woman. She sounds as though she is an inspiration to everyone. She will be in my prayers. Thanks for sharing this special story! I appreciate you.

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