Thursday, July 28, 2011

Garage Sale

Had a garage sale today.  It is ongoing throughout the weekend.  We did alright for our first day, but honestly did not sell everything I had hoped.

There were some cute things out for sale that I really need to unload because I have too much...

and I have been busy making some chalkboards thinking they might go over well.

Most of the visitors responded that I had very nice displays that made a visual impace when driving by....

and I think we got a lot of attention.

but we do live in the Chicago southland, not the northside.  People want/need kids' clothes and items.  People want deals.  Steals.  And I guess I am not ready to part with some things SO much that it would be a steal.  Yet. 


more than one person asked if I had a shop.


I wish I did.

Hopin' for more sales tomorrow!


Urban Farmgirl said...

Hi Andrea!

Everything looks great! All the *white* looks so familiar! Lol!

Good luck tomorrow! Hope you get lots of sales!


Urban Farmgirl said...

Oh, and I will for sure *follow*...but Blogger is being weird again won't let me right now. I'll check back!


The Farmers said...

I wish I could shop at your yard sale. I totally understand about those out on the hunt for cheap junk rather than awesome finds. I had the same problem at my last yard sale.

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

I wish I was close enough to shop your yard sale. By the pics you have some awesome stuff. You should check out joining some kind of sale next time where the buyers are looking for that kind of stuff. I found your blog from the comments at Urban Farmgirl and hope you get a chance to stp by my blog too. I'm a follower now and going to read back through your posts. Take care!
Elizabeth @ BlueClearSky

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