Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jubilation and Joy

Last night, it was time for more pre-Christmas.  We decorated our 'tchotchke tree,' our basement tree.  It is a small little tree just loaded with ornaments from Martha's Kmart collection several years back- they are very vintage European and ethnic in styling.  Some are straw, some are felt, and some are tin.  All the colors are very bright and reminiscent of Polish folk art (to me, anyway).  When these came out at K, I went nuts buying every ornament in the collection, and the ribbon garland and the felt skirt. 

There's also some grammar school kiddie trinkets that made their way onto this tree, too!  We love this little tree because we watch a lot of holiday movies together in our little basement in the winter, snug under blankies.  We spend a lot of time with this tree as a family.

Our big tree will be making her appearance soon, but the time is not ready yet.  Just the baby trees have started making their way out.

Tonight is our church Jubilation, a huge annual fundraiser for our school.  Dan is voluteering tonight at the auction table, so hopefully the school fundraiser will be succesful!


Helen's Decor said...

Andrea, I'm loving that little tree. In fact, I've had my eyes looking for the right color for our granddaughter and grandson. I've seen purple for her, but so far no orange...his favorite color! Hope y'all have a great time tonight. Great memories from times like tonight!
Hope you come see what else I wanted in Austria..and bought after our return!

Jo's This and That said...

Love your little tree.Enjoy these precious days with your family.Thanks for sahring your post,love your new header. I was an art teacher too for 33 years in IL.7-12.This is my first year retired.Miss some of it.Joann

Red Rose Alley said...

What a pretty tree and ornaments. I just found a coffee cup that was made in Poland and had to bring it home with me.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

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