Sunday, June 17, 2012

Southern Time Capsules: Part 1

This week I'll be sharing some wonderful examples of historical preservation.

When I saw these historical structures last week in Georgia,

I was entranced with the interior spaces.

I think I have been fascinated with pioneer life since I was a kid.

I read all of the Little House books at least ten times each.

(I still have all of those thumbed over copies.  I'm sure a bunch of you

have also read these, but do you still have the books?)

This home was a doctor's cabin, bult in 1826.  It was built by Chapmon Powell, one of the first

residents of Dekalb County, GA.  It is typical of most homes on the American frontier,

serving as both a home and a medical office.

Dr. Powell provided medical care to Cherokee Indians,

and his house was also used as a field hospital in the Battle of Atlanta during

the Civil War.

This next home is a little fancier, although it is dated from a much earlier time-period.

Redman Thorton built this next house as a manor house for an indigo plantation

on the Georgia frontier.  The structure, circa 1792, is typical of the Federal Era

architecture throughout the south.

Here are some of the downstairs rooms in the Thorton House. 

The rooms have been historically preserved as accurately as possible.

I think this dining room below could even be pulled off a page

of Southern Living today.

The upstairs sleeping quarters were more modest.

But, still unique considering the time period.

Tomorrow I will be posting a cookhouse, slave quarters, and an 1800's barn.

Later, I will share the elegant Dickey House.


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I love this time period as well. You have shared some beautiful photos. Love the rich colors.

chaylife said...

This is great--and great timing! The book I am writing is set in the south during the 1840's--thru 1850's. You gave me a great visual. Thank you.

Snooks said...

Very intriguing. Love the history. By the way I have four of those Little House books.

@ 3Beeze Homestead

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