Friday, June 22, 2012

Sprinkles and Jellybeans

Aren't those delightful thoughts?

Sprinkles and jellybeans.

"Sprinkle" is the name of my new paint color...

...and "jellybean" is the shape of my desk!

I painted her cubbies,

and am pairing her with a cane-bottomed bentwood chair.

But these beauties were found as b-uglies on the street... my recylced/upcycled treasures have avoided the landfill

and are totally green.

Sharing with

(Fiona, I'm doing an unconventional take on your phrase 'green' today)


Fiona said...

Hi Andrea,

Love the work you have done

love your take on the "green day post"

and love your photos.

Thanks so much for joining in "green days"


ps maybe when the creativity genes were given out and I missed out
- you must have got double helpings!!!

Ellie said...

Hi I'm visiting from Green Day.
I love your desk and also the colour you have painted it. What a save!!!

Little Dotty Bird said...

Gorgeous desk..and love the colour! What a treasure to find...I am a thrifting addict too..I'm always on the lookout!

My Little Home and Garden said...

I'm coming over from Green Day. I think your furniture looks terrific; it really is an incredible colour on the desk. Beautiful.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

What a great take on "Green Day" You certainly go green with all your projects and this is another great one. What company is Sprinkles from?

sexta-feira said...

I love how the color of the desk combines with that light pink of the chair! They remind me of marshmallows!

Eileen said...

I'm visiting from Raindrop & Daisies Green Day.

I like your take on 'green' - and love the colours you've chosen. It looks great.

anangloinquebec said...

Wow! It is so hard to understand why people throw out what they do...lucky you and smart you to turn them into new lovelies!!

Marty Mason said...

Love your up-cycled desk! What a happy GREEN statement!

Lisa said...

Andrea, thank you for visiting my blog! I already posted on the subject here

but basically you put out a stick of butter till it's quite soft, then in the blender with a half cup of oil. Keep in the fridge! It tastes good!

I like your furniture!

Giga said...

Trzeba umieć zrobić ze starych mebli takie ładne nowe. Tobie się to świetnie udało. Pozdrawiam.
One must be able to do with the old furniture so pretty new. You are a great success. Yours.

City Farmhouse said...

I love a good rescue story:). They turned out beautiful, great color! Happy to have found your blog.

Cloudy said...

A nice contribution to Green Day...

Best wishes and have a nice day

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