Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Checkin' and BLOGGER Issues

JUST CHECKIN' ...to see how everyone is doin'. 

We check out the back window to make sure the girls made it through the night...

Winter has finally arrived.  It gets pretty cold at night.
But they're snug as bugs in rugs.

As for BLOGGER...
I just don't know what to say. 
It seems like everyday I find another blog I cannot comment on.

I 'click' on 'comment,'
the screen pops up,
and then turns completely white and disables on me.
I even see the other comments people have made for a split second,
and then it all disappears.
What a tease.


After a few emails,
Debra at Common Ground determined it had something to do with the comments being 'embedded in the post'
(see :design, setting, comments- (I think))

(It says,"The embedded comment format cannot beused if you have post pages disabled."  Now, I don't think anyone disabled their pages, but BLOGGER is sure tripping us up here on this issue.)

After she changed her commenting format to a 'pop-up window,'
I am NOW able to comment on her blog again.

I figured there are some people who may not be able to comment on  MY blog for the same reason...
so I changed my format to a 'pop-up' window today as well.

I hope this resolves some problems if anyone had a difficult time accessing T&P.

I have emailed some of you that I have been unable to comment on your blog...
I still keep trying everyday, but it doesn't let me through.
I'm so sorry---
it's not that I don't want to comment,
BLOGGER just won't cooperate.

Just alerting some of you out there that the pop-up window format does help.


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

I've switched my commenting format to Disqus and it's made life so much easier! Nice to see the snow at your place...we're in this weird spring mode here! (in Toronto Canada!)

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I changed mine too, it is so fustrating to click on a blog and it comes up blank,especially at linky parties!

huda said...

nice post
new follower of ur blog
now follow my blog

Bliss said...

Do your girls lay in the winter?


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