Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Colors

We finally started bustling around the yard this week,
the colors are so bright and cheerful, I'm just lovin' it.

Waitin' for just a bit more rain for those trees to POP and leaf out.

This is my favorite garden stage...budding spring.
Bright colors against a faded background.
The plants aren't huge and out of control, nor are they beaten by the sun yet.
Or eaten by bugs.  Or rabbits.  Or peed on by someone's dog.

Everything about this says, "Welcome."

I now feel less stressed and can really start to enjoy
some of the spring that's left...vacation planning, garden planning, re-do's, etc.

The Lowe's had their plants delivered,
so we decorated the garden entry 
and Dan purchased more vegetable garden plants.

This weekend the seeds will be sown and the seedlings will be planted 
into the raised beds.

There are also two robin's nests that
we have a pretty good view of,
so we'll be able to watch the babies hatch, too.
Hopefully, they won't get eaten, this nest is only two feet off the ground...
robins aren't very smart!

More to share this weekend!
 Stop on over and visit Common Ground.


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I love the spring flowers too - love all the fresh bright colours after the monotone of winter and early spring. What fun to be able to keep an eye on the eggs and then chicks (fingers crossed they stay safe).

the polished pebble: said...

OMG Andrea, your garden look so wonderful! lOvE the urns, rocks and trellis structures.and of course your bulbs! I also cannot believe the Robin's nests. I thought for sure they were fake

Always so fun to stop by!

Cheers, Kelley

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