Saturday, May 18, 2013

Old Flags

That's what some people call the iris.

Majestic and proud,
I think she's one of my favorite spring flowers.

She swoops up three petals into a crown, 
and gracefully drops three down like banners.

I have three patches of iris in the front yard.
Every year, they spread, and the patches grow a bit more dynamic.

Some vintage purple bliss...

My babies are growing...
if you are near the nest and make a, "tok! tok!"
clicking sound with your tongue,

...they rear up their little heads for a feeding.

Dan is not so intrigued by the babies...
seen one nest, seen them all.

But I enjoy them.
And so do the kids.

There is one little blue egg still in this nest, 
but I think it's a dead egg.
Mama has been so busy gathering food for these two, 
there hasn't been much time to incubate that egg.

Even if it did hatch, 
I doubt it would survive at this point- these other two are getting huge
and dominate this nest.

Mama robin is very impatient with me,
always attempting to distract me from the nest by flying away
and making overt calls from nearby...
reminding me that I need to leave.

But I haven't started any spring projects yet (save for cleaning),
so I have to satisfy my palette  with garden pics.

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Debra Oliver said...

Gorgeous "flags". I hadn't heard that in a while. such a beautiful color, but Andrea, your babies are pretty homely! te he!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Beautiful flowers and I love the little babies too!

Red Rose Alley said...

The baby birds in their nest are fascinating to me. I am happy to see them grow and I appreciate you updating us. Your flowers are so lovely too.

Happy Monday.


Miss Kitty said...

This is such a fun post to see! The darling baby birds and the beautiful iris patches. They are just such an amazing flower to me. I have a few that are still around from the previous owners of my house and I love to examine all the intricacies of the blooms. I have never heard the term "old flags" so now I am enlightened. I also enjoyed seeing the great photos of your lilac bushes.

Kat W said...

omgoodness what beautiful babies! :) SO CUTE! i would never tire of looking at those little sweet faces !!!! hugs kat =^.^=
ps gorgeous grounds!:)

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