Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Addicted... flower bundles at Aldi.

When I go grocery shopping, I can get a half-dozen roses for $3.99.

It's a safe vice.

Then, after they fade out or start to droop, I'm still saving them.
I just snip off the buds and add them to some collection around the house...

Right now they're everywhere.

I have them in vintage brass bowls,

on my Remington,


on my Corona,

in mercury glass votives, 

in blue glass jars,

in green glass jars,

and clear glass bowls!

Reds, yellows, pinks, oranges, whites,
they're all beautiful to me.

By the way,
it's been a tough spring.
I've had a lot of distressing breathing problems
throughout much of May and some of June
with the spring allergens and humidity,
so much that I didn't feel like doing anything at all
and have been absent from my station.
My doc says I've developed adult asthma,
so that's lovely.
But I am finally starting to feel better
and will be posting more prairie love soon.
Thank you for being patient!

This romantic riot is for you!

6 comments: said...

I have done that and also I make cards out of them in my crafts.

Then I use the printer also and take the card I made with roses and click and take a picture first and then print it out on photo paper and they look fab for cards for Birthdays or get well cards. I would rearrange the petals in design and had ribbons.
Made pretty cards.

When I first started doing cards. I went to the store Costco and collected all the roses that they take off flowers that sort of wilter and the ladies used to give it to me free. A huge bag.
Then I would dry them out at home on paper on a table then rearrange for flower design. Was fun.

Debra Oliver said...

oh Andrea, I hate to hear about the asthma, I imagine all the rain and humidity is the culprit. Hopefully, with summer coming on you'll be feeling better soon. LOVE the beautiful roses, dried or fresh, nothing like them!

awal.ny said...

Don't you just love Aldi roses. Sorry to hear about the asthma, I hope you are feeling better and the summer gets better for you. Alaina

Sandi said...

A great vice indeed! They are beautiful!

Red Rose Alley said...

Andrea, Nel just found out that she has a bit of asthma too. It was hard to breathe for her sometimes, and he told her, sure enough, that it was asthma. Sometimes during the summer months, the heat really gets to me, and I feel tired and yucky too.

On a brighter note, your white roses are so pretty. My favorite place that you display them has got to be the typewriter. That is such a unique and special picture.

Have a good weekend with your family.


Kat W said...

hi there! oh pretty pretty pretty roses i so love them too! and WE have the same corona typewriter! im laughin! lol i love typewriters I think i have more somewhere! lol!
anyway what a pretty blog and i love the chicks! they are pets? so cute!im following you too! ill be back :) hugs kat =^.^=

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