Sunday, July 22, 2012

Going Rogue in my Vintage Dream

I remain disenchanted.

The *hoopla* is stressful and makes for

some sleepless nights.

I'm sick and tired of people telling me what to do no matter where I live.

We've had the real-estate rain cloud follow us around

for almost our whole married lives now.

When will it end?

Our last home that we had built

had a *protected* wooded lot that we paid a premium price for...

Red Pine

all the trees turned out to be infected and died within a few years.

Pine borer, pine tree infestation

We were at city hall every week for about 6 months straight

fighting over who was going to pay for the cut down and replanting.

I learned a lot about trees

and how dirty city hall can be --- and get away with it.

This home we have now has had its own share of woes...

including a broken sewer line right after we moved in

that caused a very bad flood...

we've worked so hard to make it a home.

Now we've lost our hens.

But I know why people go rogue

and become mountain men.

(do you watch this show?  i've been watchin' it...)

They just want to be left alone.

They get tired of all the b.s. in life

and bureaucratic red-tape

like the kind that is sucking the joy out of pulling up in my driveway right now.

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time.

I know I wasn't... the sermon last week in church was about how

we were meant for this time and moment that God chose for us...


how would it have been different?

 How would it have been different if I was born
many years ago?

Where would I have lived?

Who would I have been?

Would I have been the farm girl dreaming of city girl peep toe pumps?

So tonight, my imagination runs wild...

What does your imagination dictate

when your hunkering for nostalgia runs rogue?

Who are you

and where would you be

in your vintage dream?

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Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I am so sorry you lost your hens. I keep wondering if animal control will knock on my door for some complaint about the chickens even though we have the nicest house on the block and keep our yard green and manicured at all times. I love the show. I am watching and recording it. I too think I was born in the wrong time. Sometimes you just feel you can't live in a place any longer. I feel that a lot here but I try to keep positive. I would love to sell and move but we can't for now.

Cloudy said...

Das Schicksal nimmt seinen Lauf, wir haben keinen Einfluß drauf, so schwer manches auch sein mag...

Lieben Gruß

NanaDiana said...

Oh- It is just sad that you have gone through so much. Many of us have lives that turn out very differently than we think it will when we are starting out with high hopes and dreams. I think it's a good thing that we don't really know where life is going to take us -otherwise we would not have the strength to continue.

I have often thought I could easily go "off grid" if it weren't for my family ties. I could live a fulfilled, quiet life and be self-sufficient-but-oh, the family calls me here- xo Diana

~ Liz ~ said...

Interesting thought. Would we have had the guts back then to do all the hard things we hardly have the gumption to tackle right now even with all our conveniences and the ease of communication, travel and access to information?

Sounds like your pastor had a good message. This is our time...what will we do with it and what will those who come after us have to say about the choices we made and the battles we were willing (or not)to wage not only for ourselves but for them? Thanks for the thoughts. It's something worth searching our souls over.

It's All Connected said...

Sorry you had so much trouble over keeping your chickens. I'm lucky that my neighbours like mine and make no complaints. ~ Maureen

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I don't blame you for being in a snit. I would be too. Your hens looked so comfortable in that gorgeous hen house you have for them. Sometimes I know common sense is discarded for bureaucacy.

Mary said...

So your wish for a different in time..."I feel ya dog" as an old talk goes...We have chickens, forgot to register them...all is fine 4th year. But no rooster. The neighbors even like there noises. Your chicken house is absolutely beautiful. Unbelievably beautiful. Ah, justice, where is it.

cathy@my1929charmer said...

I feel you pain and frustration. I also yearn for a simple time, where there was less intrusion in our lives by govenrment. Controlling too much in our lives, and fighting us every step of the way! Our garage is original to our home, 1928. It is sinking, since back then it was build quite differently. We want to lift the garage, and pour a new flooring and bring the garage back down. But our village says we can't, our garage needs to be 3' from the alley (we are in old part of town), our garage is 2.5' from the alley, they are being ass&)*&^'s. But I'm going to keep up the fight till I can fight no more! I'm so sorry you lost you gorgeous chicks. So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday's Best!

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