Friday, July 20, 2012

Chicken Week: The Hoopla

Yesterday, I was completely overwhelmed with the hoopla of what we have to do
to acquire our "special use" chicken permit now that the ordinance has been *approved.*

Today, I am MAD.  Really mad. It takes about one day for me to get over
the emotion of it all and for my blood to boil.

Let me detail for you all the steps necessary:

#1) file for permit at county land use building

#2) mail file to 8 local agencies by certified mail (about $3-$5 per mailing)

#3) return certified slips to county office

#4) notify my 10 adjoining neighbors by certified mail ($3-$5 per mailing)

#5) pay $675 fee for permit issue

#6) pay $100 to run an add in newspaper for a hearing

#7) pay $100 to post a county sign in my front yard announcing the hearing (SERIOUSLY?!)
(this gets refunded if the sign is returned undamaged, but I still have to have the money upfront,
and who knows if my neighbor might damage it)

#8) attend two hearings for review in which
anybody can come to protest even if they don't live by us
(as if we had a flippin' tiger in the backyard)
and we get to listen to anyone or any anti-chicken person drag us through the mud even though
the county *won't disclose* who reported our chickens (but we know who it was)

#9) committee then decides if they will issue the permit

#10) if denied, nothing is refunded.

Don't make ANYONE go through a process like this, take their money, but then deny them.

This is why I am so mad at government today.
And you know what, I don't want to hear that there are rules everywhere you go...

I am confident we can acquire a permit at a hearing
because no matter what anyone says of us, our property is in order and maintained,
but it is still too much money they are asking of families
who want an eco-friendly and educational experience for their children.

This is not a commercial enterprise, this is for personal use.

If I were erecting a GAS STATION, an ADULT THEATRE, or MOTEL
which might attract questionable characters to my community
I would have to go through the same process.

There are several municipalities in Illinois that are nearby and
do not require a permit for chickens at all.

They include:
Chicago, IL
Plainfield, IL
Batavia, IL St. Charles, IL
Oak Park, IL 
Mount Prospect , IL
to name a few.

They just ask that the coops be humane and no roosters be onsite.  TOTALLY FAIR.

So I say the county should WAIVE IT ALTOGETHER.

We have made the decision to attend the next Land Use Committee meeting in August
to continue to address these excessive fees before we pay any money down.

Some county board members DO AGREE this is too much for families.  Thank you for your support,
I hope you will continue to stand by that.

Others feel everything *comes at a price.*
(is this a shared and rehearsed quote among my elected county officials?
Because I called all of you.  You know what I feel about that?  Some people don't
count the cost, they do it because it is the right thing to do.)


There is discussion that they may lower the fee, or reclassify it to something other than "special use,"
but nothing is promised and nothing is ever done quickly.

We still hope to have the girls back by October.

We will certainly do the hearing process if nothing gets changed.

Thank you to my readers for your support.


Pam said...

That is ridiculous. They are making you jump through a heck of a lot of hoops just for some chickens. I would think as long as you have a set amount of land 1/2 acre or more and you pass inspection, then there's nothing more to talk about.

Jenny said...

Can you post the number of the offices we can call or contact in support of your right to have the chickens?? Lots of people read this blog, let's give the county officials an earful!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

I feel for you guys, but of course they (Big Brother) hope you'll get overwhelmed and say forget it. I say go for it, and see this through...

orchid said...

Oh, you are having trouble with red tape!!!
Lovely chikens♡♡♡ Hope thing goed well!!!
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I'd be mad too. That's insane, but it doesn't surprise me. I don't think a whole lot surprises me anymore. $1000 and no guarantees. Good grief!

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! And I thought the $25 yearly fee here was annoying! I sooo feel for you! That's just not even do-able! Stand your ground and maybe it will pan out. Are these people even aware that a chick costs a mere $2.25??? And God forbid we do anything to encourage self-sufficiency! Our government is just taking it too far in too many ways these days. We'll pray for a good outcome to all of this!

The Farmers Nest said...

This just plain stinks. I'm sorry friend.

NanaDiana said...

I am mad for you. This is beyond ridiculous! My son fought the city and the county for months on end to rebuild their cottage/home. Do you know they came out and made him raise his WHOLE HOUSE 3/8 of an inch...yes you read that right 3/8" before he could do anything to the house. It was just a bunch of bureaucratic crap...and he/you are at their mercy.

Hang in there, kiddo- xo Diana

Cloudy said...

Tja, die Behörden sind doch überall gleich, sie kämpfen täglich für ihr Dasein und bestrafen die Bürger. Es ist echt schlimm...

Lieben Gruß

Nicole said...

Hang in there. You have every right to be upset and vent! I hope it all works out for you. BTW I love what you did with your yard~ and your right there is 'one' of those neighbors everywhere.

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

What a mess. Makes you wonder who is taking care of the real issues that need attention. Good luck and I hope it all works out. Have a good weekend!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh my gosh this is horrible. I think they make is so expensive in purpose so most will give up. I think I probably would. I am so sorry for this. What a nightmare.

Geneva said...

Ridiculous! Sounds like they are trying to discourage you to me... just hang in there. Once your girls are back, it will be worth it all. Still... I'm amazed at all you're having to go through.

Anonymous said...

ive been looking on line for the next meeting/is it possible to organize an overwelming show of support for backyard chickens at the next county board meeting? signs up and down route 59 would make some noise!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought that some of the County Commissioners are commercial poultry producers or supported with $$$ by them? These unreasonable fees and rules are usually supported by some corporation that would benefit from the rules.
It is a crying shame that in YOUR county it is so different than the others in your state.
Get involved in your county politics and change it.
Love your girls and hope that you get to keep them for nothing!

Scotia from Olympia

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