Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fourth Sunday of Advent and Nuts

I confess, I love nuts.
I haven't always loved nuts, but during the last few years, my affinity for nuts has grown.
I think the cashews with sea salt are my favorite!
Many people lay out spiced nuts on the Christmas table with the cookies and sweets.

St. Anthony used the three parts of the nut to assist people in understanding repentance.

Number 1, the skin is bitter, as is our sin. 
This skin splits when the nut is still on the tree, and, the nut falls to the earth.
It causes us to seek out forgiveness so we can be 'released.'
Number 2, the hard shell is a symbol of perseverance.
Penance can be a tough act.  You have to stick to it. 
In other words, you really have to work hard at getting to the sweet nut inside the shell.
Let's get to the heart of the matter, now.
Number three, the nut meat.
We are so estactic when we finally crack the nut to get to the good part!
This is comparable to rejoicing in our salvation and forgiveness.

I find in blogland, many people confuse St Anthony images with St Joseph.
St Anthony always hold baby Jesus (but sometimes so does Joseph).
St Anthony always carries a lily for purity (and, is dressed like a monk).
He holds baby Jesus because he offers our prayer requests to the little baby
and it is said the baby is very agreeable and has a hard time telling St. Anthony 'no.'
(He was also seen carrying the Infant in a garden, and together they were laughing and playing).
You can also ask St Anthony to help you find lost articles or assist you with financial trouble.
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NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful lesson here, Andrea. I, too, love nuts and had never heard that analogy. It is perfect. Blessings to you- xo Diana ps...I am sometimes called a bit of a nut myself-

8)(8 said...

I didn't know that story about nuts. St. Anthony is one of my favorite saints. St. Jude is pretty special too.

Prims By The Water said...

I have prayed to St Anthony for items I have lost before. Loved reading your post. and my favorite nut is the macadamia then the cashews. Merry Christmas. Janice

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I've prayed to St. Anthony many times. He almost always pulls through. :o) I tried to get here before Christmas but didn't make it...hope your day was wonderful. Best wishes for 2013! ~Ann

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Andrea,

I love cashew nuts too
and pistashios and walnuts and hazlenuts, in fact all nuts!

I am sorry that I haven't been to visit you in a while but I have had no computer

I would just like to wish you and your family a
very happy and healthy 2013


Red Rose Alley said...

St. Anthony is a beloved saint to me. I have talked to him many times in my life. What an interesting story about the nuts. By the way, I love nuts, especially the expensive macadamians. Happy New Year, Andrea. I look forward to more of your wonderful posts in the coming year.
Much love,
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

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