Sunday, January 13, 2013

Help Me Folks, Blogger Hates Me

1) I cannot upload photos again.  It says I have "lost connection to server" in the photo block 
when I am mid-post and attempting a photo insert. It comes up with a little orange triangle with an
exclamation point in it stating this fact.   Then the post freezes altogether.  Grrr......

2) And THEN I tried establishing a Picasa Web album, rather than just pulling images off of my 
hard drive, and my images pull up, but then 'circle' and still don't upload to the post,
again freezing the post.

3) I am using Google Chrome (Chrome had solved my similar photo upload issue last week when
Internet Explorer and Firefox both said they "do not recognize my address.")

Now a photo issue again, but says I have lost connection to server?  What to do?

Help!  What do I do?


NanaDiana said...

Andrea. Try reloading Google Chrome if you can. This helped a couple of people that experienced some kind of glitch. I know that Internet Explorer is not compatible with Google anymore but I don't know about Firefox. Good luck-xo Diana

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

I agree with what NanaDiana says. You could also try the Safari or Opera web browsers.

Bobbie said...

I found this suggestion the other day when
a friend of mine was
having the same problem. It worked for her.

(Temporarily switch to the Edit HTML mode of the
compose editor when loading photos.)

She created/wrote her post as usual in the Compose
mode. Then went back and
loaded her photos where she wanted to place them,
switching to HTML mode to do so.

Hoping it helps you as well.

Red Rose Alley said...

It's such a mess right now. I am still trying to figure things out. Is it something temporary or did it change or what? So frustrating. Hang in there.

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