Thursday, August 1, 2013

Not Like They Used To Be

Grandma had an ancient washer & dryer in her basement.
(Doing laundry in a pencil skirt is one experience I have yet to have).

I don't remember it ever breaking down, though.
How long did she have it?  35 years maybe?
I remember the set looking something like this...

We've had our dryer for seven years.
It has now broken twice.
Here was our dryer yesterday.

Dan ordered some new parts
and after a rush delivery
and 5 hours of labor,
here is our dryer back together.

My laundry room is not as exciting as I would LIKE it to be.
I shouldn't even show it in blogland, considering what's out there.

It would be lovely to have a dream laundry room...

I digress.
I really don't care.
With school, soccer, swimming, etc.
all I really want is running machines,
not ~stinky~ wet towels.

We want to move anyway,
so I won't be investing in new laundry room decor.

But when I get to that new farmhouse,
you can bet it will have something fresh and simple like this in the basement...

We've lived here for 7 years,
 and in that time
all these new appliances have cashed out on me:
1)coffee maker (broken last year)
2)microwave(shorted out)
3)washing machine (replaced again)
4)dryer (twice repaired)
5)stainless steel fridge (repaired once, it wasn't cooling)


Everything is made to break!
Who's with me?  Didn't Grandma's appliances last longer??

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Suzan Sweatman said...

Grandma's appliances were actually made in North America........
Enough said?
It's really all crap now - all imported crap -
That's why I love redoing furniture so much - buying and restoring things that were actually made to last a lifetime or 2 or 3......
The last fridge we bought - I paid 3000 dollars for it - state of art and it broke down after 3 months - to which I was told ( are you ready for this ? ) " well Ma'am you did NOT buy the best one "
3000 dollars - and no one wanted to be responsible for it after 3 months.
Don't get me started!
Oh - it's too late - I'm started lol
Have a good one
p.s. I couldn't even bend in a pencil skirt never mind do laundry in one LMHO

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

It is all crap!! I had a 23 year old dishwasher when we moved in here and until it died it worked great. I am now on my third one and it has died and that is in 12 years. I looked at the receipt and the last one was 4 years and 2 months. Could not be repaired. Just fried!! Same with washer and dryer. I inherited them and both lasted over 20 years with no repairs. Now you are lucky to get 5-7. I now just buy the cheapest ones that are a good size as they are disposable nowadays.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh yes, grandma's appliances DID last longer, and our mother's appliances as well. It seems that something is always breaking and needs fixing around here too. They just don't make them like they used to, ya know? My laundry room is pretty basic, and have always wanted one that was a bit more interesting. Oh well, like you said, all we need is clean clothes, and we're fortunate enough to have washers and dryers, unlike the women in the prairie days. :~)


Susie said...

My laundry is in the basement also..I am not crazy about that. Once I fixed my own washer and didn't know the drum came off if the front was taken I had to scream for my daughter to hold it while I slipped a new belt on the drum...then the idler pully went bad, fixed it....after that I said I was getting a clothes line. LOL.. I wish our appliances lasted as long as they used too. Suzan hit the nail on the head...American made. xoxo,Susie

sissie said...

Yes, I think that Grandma's appliances didn't break like the new computer generated ones. I feel your pain.
I too hope to have a pretty laundry room likes in the pictures. Guess we can always dream.

You asked about my painted chair. I used chalk paint and the fabric was just cotton upholstery in a print.(ugly)
It does take a lot of paint to cover the fabric well. It's actually comfortable but does retain a harder feel. If you seal it with wax it makes it softer. Not sure how it will hold up.

I hope you give it a try on your chairs and share it with us.


Sharon said...

You are so right ! When I was a kid we had a refrigerator for years ,Mom decided she needed a new one and gave the old one to my grandmother . She had it for at least another 20 years . I remember it was copper colored and huge .

Debra Oliver said...

and to think my grandmother just had a wringer washer on her screened in porch. I DO love a wonderful laundry! I agree with appliances today, they aren't nearly as well made. I think new microwaves should be labeled as "disposable"!

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