Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shiny Trim and New Tures

I know she doesn't look much different here
from my last post on her...

but Summer Holiday DID get her windows caulked 
and her ~front and back~ windows replaced.
Every little baby step counts!
We're leaving the louver windows open today, 
to vent a bit from the caulk vapor.

I think she looks ~super vintage~ with her brushed aluminum trim on
that Dan cleaned up.
She's a '72 Comanche, but I think 
she looks like she rolled out of the '60s!
Just wait until she gets her detail paint!

What's that diaper-looking thing hanging out the side by the door?
Just a plastic bag to stop rain-flow 
until we get an electrical box installed there.

She got some new tures, too.
We painted them aqua, and they'll get a pop of red for an accent soon, too.
She'll also be getting some new fenders to cover that rough edge.
That will be a special order, but we'll get them in aluminum.

Want to do a quick before shot from exactly one month ago?
Okay, here's the fun part-

...BEFORE (yikes!)

...and after!


Something Nice and Pretty said...

So darn neat!!! What a difference! Just beautiful.

must love junk said...

OMGosh! LOVE the color-so fun! :)

miabellavintage said...

What kind of paint did you use? Did you spray or brush it on?

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