Tuesday, December 17, 2013

No Room, Leon

"No room, no room..."
  These were the words of my son 
as he practiced his lines
 for the Christmas play last week.
  He was to be the inn keeper.
  "No room, no room."

The premise of the production
was about a child named LEON 
who was being bullied and could only secure the part 
of an understudy of the inn keeper in the school play-
and he ended up being the Christmas star-

How relevant-
 to everything going on here on this little blog.
  No room for the cost of a new computer to edit my images,
 and no room to save the images I take.
and thinking 
about how I will handle this.

   I am attempting some other methods right now
 to see how they work for me.
  I hope to get a new computer soon after the holidays are through.

  Until then, I DO have room for life's other joys-
 the Christmas play, 
the Christmas band concert, 
basketball games, 
holiday crafts with the kids, 
kids' holiday parties, 
and reflection on the more quiet meaning of advent- 
patience and waiting and preparation.

And my son,
who didn't talk as a baby,
and ended up in speech therapy for a year,
 and then stuttered for another year,
sang on stage in a trio of boys- 
something I never thought he would do.

It's all possible.

I have taken some time to look over this little blog
in my time away 
and she is getting freshened up.
 I've begun some clean up and am generating ideas.  
She's a little blog, but she's my blog. 
I worry too much about how others perceive it,
 and I shouldn't. 
 No more.  
We're going to stay folksy as a donkey
and that's how we're gonna roll.

Thank you 
to those who have not completely abandoned me
 since the computer virus.  
I know I haven't posted as of late
so it's a boring place to be.
My son's science project ended up costing us $600, 
well, that was the cost of the computer that it ate anyway.
Good thing he got an A.
After the holiday rush will be a better time 
to search and invest
for a new device.

Until then,
a merry NOEL is in order over here.
Christmas is almost here!

(I am sooo behind in the giftwrap.)


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Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Virus

Our computer has suffered a major hard drive crash
due to the Sweet Packs virus.
Dan has tried to fix the ongoing problem for two weeks with a variety of strategies,
but he has been unsuccessful.
It has been taken in to be serviced. 
If it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.
For now, I am just answering email on my work laptop.
I won't have access to my photos for at least a few more days yet.
So sorry for being gone during pumpkin season!
It has been very frustrating to not be able to access my blog.
See you soon on the prairie...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweet Fall Pinks

On my way around town last Friday
I spotted a sign that read, "Vintage Garage Sale,"
 with the littlest pink rocker at the end of the drive.

Alert! Alert!  Chippy goodness ahead!

Once I got out of the car, it was mine.
I sure thought it was nifty, but actually wasn't very thrifty...
it set me back $30.
I was sucked it by the nail head trim, suede seat, and
deep vintage pink paint.

into the truck she went,
and once we arrived home, my daughter claimed it as her own, of course,
that's the way she rolls around here.  
If the shoe...er rocker....FITS...

So the little chippy rocker just had to get
some proper photos taken,
with some tiny white pumpkins and dried pink roses....

She's so shabby chic, and just perfect for any time of year, really:
crisp fall romance, winter's Valentine's preparation,
or spring pastel flavor.

Right now, she's still sitting in my front room,
but as SOON as Tahbies' room gets painted grey
(and the paint is in the garage ready to go, I just have to find the time)
she'll be transported upstairs to her room 
for book reviews and doll cuddling.

Wishing you all sweet moments in 
these warm fall days...

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Ma's 70th Birthday... and Bangs

My Ma turned 70 this past weekend.  
Please everyone, wish her a Happy 70th Birthday!!
She doesn't look 70, does she?
She is beautiful!

Here we are, the little Tahbies, me, Ma, & my brother.
Ma is ageless.  She works hard, but not "out," just in the yard
maintaining an extensive property.
Her workout is pushing a wheelbarrow.

Myself, I have cut some bangs.
I am losing the battle with gravity.
My stress wrinkles from work are more defined
and I'm not taking it so good.

I hope I will look like Ma at 70.

Dan said I need to start wearing 
cross your heart bra,
a babushka,
and start planting potatoes in a field as my heritage dictates.

29039 S Warner Bridge Rd, Manhattan, IL 60442

Okay, fine,
so where's my farm field, then??  
Get on that, Dan!!
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