Monday, March 25, 2013

Carrying Crosses and Holy Week

Sometimes we get a little one,

and sometimes we get a big 'un,

and sometimes we get a group one,

and sometimes we feel like we're the only one...

And as much as we would like to ditch it sometimes,
when we are afraid to walk on the water,
when carrying crosses takes too much time,

it's really just preparing us, 
strengthening us,
giving us the fortitude to carry on and deliver
the most wonderful message ever sent to earth
through even the darkest of times...

We will rise...again.

Nothing is on our time,
it's on God's time.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Vintage Bunny Love

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite bunnies.
Although chocolate should be at the top of this list,
I'll pass on that today for a different sugary confection
that won't pack on the pounds.

I have two of these sweet pink delights.
Tiny little flowers appear to be swirls of frosting.
They are favorites of my daughter.

Some papier mache bunnies also top my list of bunnies in da house.
Much more affordable than your Halloween papier mache,
(which can set you back hundreds of dollars for authentic pieces), 
they are also easier to find, so you can build up a sweet collection of just a few
for not too much bank.
I don't recall my exact prices on these, but they were around the ten dollar mark each.

Vintage papier mache recalls ol' time holidays,
where the magic of the season was manifested in ways 
other than mass-produced plastic.

Fragile and delicate, 
this bun seem to have survived some rough patches.
I wish I was around to see when these colorful bunnies
would have lined the shelves at a 5 and dime
with wrapped candies.

Vintage... my most favorite way to buy.
Don't you get excited when you find something cool?!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter Chocolate

I realized about a week ago that Easter was almost upon us 
(as it is in March this year)
and that I'd better get out my Easter decor.

I've been absent in the blogosphere, 
catching up on work and on life.
So sorry, but I've been behind in reading blogs, too.
I need to catch up, and promise I will soon!

I always love bringing out my spring colors,
and especially love my faux chocolate bunny.

The Easter chocolate is out,
and at the top of the list are:
1) Cadbury Eggs (the small colored ones in the blue bag that 
taste as if they are encased in velvet),
(if you've never had them, you are really missing out, you will need to get a few bags
because they won't last),
2) Cadbury Fudge Eggs (yeah, the BIG ones)
3) Palmer's Bunnies with the colored eyes (hollow bunnies)- ears go first.

(The kids and  I are so going to fight over the chocolate bunnies 
in the Easter baskets on Holy Saturday morning).
Good thing the bunny always brings extra!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winter Blast and Forced Labor

Time is really dragging for me.
But, today I feel fortunate that we got hit with a winter storm, and received a heavy dumping
of winter's last white.

The kids had a snow day, as school was called off,
so I immediately implemented child labor for drive-way clearing.

The boys did a great job, but Munchkie quickly abandoned her shovel.

She rolled in the snow, made snow angels, lost her boot and got her Hello-Kitty sock wet,
licked the basketball post, got yelled at,

...and continued to enjoy her snow-day.  It's the only real snow fall we've had
and she's felt left out this winter because she never had a chance to really play.
Is it okay to eat snowflakes like this, Mommy?

I was home today, too, so I was able to get a few photo shoots done 
as I had time for inspiration to occur.
Sometimes we all need a snow day.

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