Thursday, May 31, 2012


Right now the front yard's showin' a lot of yellow...

I really think it's too early for these to be blooming, but with the early spring,

these perennials soldier on and had a head start.

I love how they never need watering because we have so many of them.
Right now, my spring purples have died back and it's alllllll yellow.

(and green).

The hostas will shoot up their dainty purple flowers soon to switch it up again!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby in the Berry Patch

"Daddy, I got a red one."

(Baby helping her dad in his veggie garden).

She had a job yesterday.

Every. single. plucked. berry. was accompanied by an announcement:

"Daddy, I got a  red one."


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Monday, May 28, 2012

Beep! Beep!

Sharing today a birthday present from Dan.

(My birthday was in February and I'm just now getting around to posting this).

 A Model T car horn!

I always prefer old junk that he actually has to hunt for.

Found: for $6.00.  (Yes, we share the prices because that's part of the fun...knowing the deal!)

Found: in a sweet spot for antique junk...
 where lean-to's are built onto the existing structure,
like shack pasted onto shack with corrugated fiberglass
to shelter the seller's hoard.

Where shelves groan under the weight of junk,
and vintage treasures are piled so high and hoarded so closely together
that they may have to call the fire department to get you out
if the whole display decides to collapse on you.

THAT kinda sweet spot junk shop.

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Friday, May 25, 2012


This was a great week for Town and Prairie,
which was featured at three different blogs this week.

Cute Retro Housewife Says Thank You

 featured my feed sack chair
at her Sunday Best party.

West Furniture Revival

...featured the buffet we prepared for Jenny's bridal shower on Furniture Feature Monday.

Finally, Susan, the editor at

Be At Home Interior Design Blog

a shopping and interior design blog,
 featured Town and Prairie on Wednesday as just a great place to visit on the web!

Ladies, thank you for taking the time to highlight

Town and Prairie on your sites!

Have a great Memorial Weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Garden Party Wedding Shower

Last weekend was Jenny's bridal shower at our home.

I have some lovely vintage-styled photography to share with everyone.

Grab a glass of punch and be our guest...

A day of happiness.

Enter the garden...

Jenny and myself...

Jenny and Chase, the groom, with our wedding gift to the couple (the buffet).

Now come down the stairs and join us in the backyard...

This rustic arrangement makes my heart pound.

Our hens were entertained (or provided visual entertainment)
and got their little coop decorated with their own flowers and bow.

And under the regal big top, guests dined and mingled.

And decorations glowed and fluttered.

These puffs took hours for me to create... but I l.o.v.e. them.

We did have a snafu with the caterer... they forgot to bring the vegetables...

and then brought them late, but we were already onto cupcakes and fun stuff.

Bridesmaids chat.

Love bears gifts

Have fun starting your future family (see my daughter's gift to Jenny)...
(she'll get the other when she becomes a mother).

An enchanting day.

Thank you for visiting today.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Grape Berry Moth

Last year we had such a bountiful harvest of Concord grapes from just two plants.

They were just beautiful and we were able to share quite a bit with family and neighbors.

Naturally, we thought we would have an even larger crop this year,

but it was not meant to be.

We are finding extensive damage that has literally just occurred (everything was fine last week)

and through my hasty research I believe the Grape Berry Moth is the culprit.

Eggs are laid in mid-May that hatch larvae in four days and they feast on all of your fruits.

It all happened so fast, we weren't even aware.

Now there are almost no grapes left.

Research dictates that if this happens to your grapes,

you should continue to treat the pests all summer...

they are in the stems and in the ground, and will come back again

if a management plan is not established.

You can see how the small fruits have been devoured and the stripped stems protrude like hairs.

They should ALL have a tiny grape on them.

This is not a leaf-eating pest, they are attacking the crop.

They can be treated with Carbaryl, an insecticide found in the product Sevin.

I'm using it now to save my vines, but I guess my grapes will no longer be pesticide free.

A little irritated over the fact that the grapes are blown for the whole year now.

If anyone has any other idea on what this may be other than the Grape Berry Moth,

let me know.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dear Jenny

This new piece is for you!
I hope you love vintage!

Jenny is a BFF and we're having her wedding shower at our home this weekend.

Hopefully, the weather will agree and we'll have a fabulous day and some excellent photography!

This new piece is named "Jenny" because it's for Jenny  :)

Here's a before photo.

image 1

Actually that's not the piece itself, but looks just like it.  Ours was darker and yuckier.

I've lost all my before photos.  I did have them!  They are just not where I thought they were!

I found this image and it is the same antique buffet.

But ours needed a lot more work.

The doors were off and it needed a whole new top AND sides AND back.

It kicked our butts.

Dan worked really hard on the construction aspects of this one.

We literally just finished it minutes ago and the shower is in two days!!

This antique buffet would be perfect as a buffet or dry bar for your dining room!

Here goes!


Wedding Blessings!!

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