Saturday, May 18, 2013

Old Flags

That's what some people call the iris.

Majestic and proud,
I think she's one of my favorite spring flowers.

She swoops up three petals into a crown, 
and gracefully drops three down like banners.

I have three patches of iris in the front yard.
Every year, they spread, and the patches grow a bit more dynamic.

Some vintage purple bliss...

My babies are growing...
if you are near the nest and make a, "tok! tok!"
clicking sound with your tongue,

...they rear up their little heads for a feeding.

Dan is not so intrigued by the babies...
seen one nest, seen them all.

But I enjoy them.
And so do the kids.

There is one little blue egg still in this nest, 
but I think it's a dead egg.
Mama has been so busy gathering food for these two, 
there hasn't been much time to incubate that egg.

Even if it did hatch, 
I doubt it would survive at this point- these other two are getting huge
and dominate this nest.

Mama robin is very impatient with me,
always attempting to distract me from the nest by flying away
and making overt calls from nearby...
reminding me that I need to leave.

But I haven't started any spring projects yet (save for cleaning),
so I have to satisfy my palette  with garden pics.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Black Eyes and Mohawks

It's a face only a mother could love...
and mama isn't too fond of me right now because I keep peepin' in on her babies.

There are actually two nests we spy on now...
yesterday, two hatchlings were in each nest, with one egg also remaining in each.

Oh, those little heads.
Mama squawks at me but, but sits in a nearby bush 
and comes back as soon as I retreat.

You can even see the little slit where each eye will soon open
and peer out at me.

This is gonna be great seeing these little babies everyday now!
What a great pick-me-up in the morning
before driving to work.

And THIS is spring.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Once Upon a Lilac

When I was little, an old woman who lived across the alley
from my grandmother
grew the largest lilac bushes I have ever seen.

Every spring, my little hands would rip these huge blooms from the bushes
before I hopped in the car to go home.
No one cared.

The bushes were so loaded, no one missed them.

Common lilacs...those are the big 'uns.

Who can imagine any romantic backyard without lilacs in springtime?
My bushes are six years old now and tower over me.
An absolute must for any vintage garden.

She used to have them in both violet and white.  
I can only find the purple variety, and they aren't as large as I remember hers being,
but they are large enough to satiate the nostalgia 
of those old neighborhood back alley blooms.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Colors

We finally started bustling around the yard this week,
the colors are so bright and cheerful, I'm just lovin' it.

Waitin' for just a bit more rain for those trees to POP and leaf out.

This is my favorite garden stage...budding spring.
Bright colors against a faded background.
The plants aren't huge and out of control, nor are they beaten by the sun yet.
Or eaten by bugs.  Or rabbits.  Or peed on by someone's dog.

Everything about this says, "Welcome."

I now feel less stressed and can really start to enjoy
some of the spring that's left...vacation planning, garden planning, re-do's, etc.

The Lowe's had their plants delivered,
so we decorated the garden entry 
and Dan purchased more vegetable garden plants.

This weekend the seeds will be sown and the seedlings will be planted 
into the raised beds.

There are also two robin's nests that
we have a pretty good view of,
so we'll be able to watch the babies hatch, too.
Hopefully, they won't get eaten, this nest is only two feet off the ground...
robins aren't very smart!

More to share this weekend!
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Communion

Today I am sharing just a few photos of my son 
before his First Communion this past weekend.

He is my little American Norman Rockwell,
all dressed up.

It was a great day to be united with Jesus, beautiful sunshine all day long...
...and my, did he look spiffy in his little grey suit!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

A Handmade Mother's Day

Here's a fun craft that can be used for any occasion
where you need your little children to make an economical gift
that is meaningful.

I purchased a few small plain terra cotta flower pots and dishes
at the Lowe's for about $3 each.  I let the kids paint them however they wanted...
small paintbrushes work great, so do thumbs (thumb-print painting).

I also purchased a few bottles of acrylic craft paint
at Michael's.  A few bottles are just fine... 
a limited palette works best with kids.  
I would try to get some paint colors that will be similar to the colors of the flowers
you will purchase, as this has the most visual impact.
 Bottles are about $1 each.

Squeeze some paint onto a paper plate and let them roll...
(I'm all about disposable clean-up when paint is concerned).

A flat of assorted annuals will set you back anywhere from $5 to $15
depending on your variety or local sales price.
I didn't need to purchase a bag of dirt as well because
my pots were so small that the annuals filled them completely.

The kids can even pat the flowers in,
the more variety, the better.
Instant children's garden!

Splendid days ahead!
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