Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thrift Store Score!

On a recent trip to the local thrift, I spotted
a special piece of cut glassware.

Normally, I don't even scour the glassware shelves,
but this week I did.

A beautiful deeply faceted retro bowl
was marked just $3 and promptly found a new home.

It was an "I had to have it" moment because it
exactly matches a particular cookie platter and punch bowl with cups
that I already have that was my g-ma's and we use them all the time...

...and it was just $3.  We spend more on toilet paper.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Antique Mirror & Powder Box, and Dan Fixed My Plug-Ins!

My mom just gave me these.  She's had them a long time.

I can remember her having them before I remember many other
household items or furniture pieces that she has now.

I'm not sure how old they are really, but I do love
the swirls of green and brown 
in the shell in-lay....and the fact that I remember them from my childhood.

I love the brown stain on the mirror.

These long handled mirrors are hard to find now, I think,
especially in a two piece set.

The weather here is trying to decide what it wants to do...
be warm, or be cool.

The days are getting warmer, but the nights are still in the teens.
Just waitin' for that first green bud to appear.
I have cabin fever really bad...
so I went to the thrift store today and bought some antique furniture 
that they just happened to have on the floor.  Got the pick of the litter today.
Will have to share my finds, soon...they are good ones!

Obviously, I am back online as Dan fixed my plug-ins.  
He had to re-down load Chrome and then magically right-clicked the top of the screen-- where there was no button anyway (I think he found it by accident)-- and a little white box appeared 
that walked one through disabling plug-ins.
Always somethin'.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Need Help Posting Pics in Blogger!

Girls. please help!
The system keeps throwing me out again.

I'm using Chrome, 
cleared the cookies,
have tried posting pics through html, not the compose method
(which worked before for  few weeks but now the screen just turns white
and throws me out again.)

Totally frustrated.
Have tried the Blogger help line but can't find anything
to correct this issue.

Anyone out there having the same problem???

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kitchen Counter Organization...with Rustic Elegance

One of my favorite ways to organize in the kitchen
is with vintage cheese boxes.

These wooden cheese boxes can be found
at antique stores for under $5.00.


What a steal!

For $5.00 you get vintage wooden texture,
a graphic label,
and a utilitarian caddie that's the perfect size 
to be functional in the kitchen.

Here, I use one old KRAFT cheese box
to corral my crystal salt and pepper shakers,
antique silver spoons in a Jadeite cup, 
and some German gold-plated dessert forks.

I use cheese boxes elsewhere in the kitchen to organize my bills.

I love this old mirror on my back splash, too.

Our kitchen is in the center of our house,
so I haven't any natural light flooding through a window.

This tiny mirror helps to bounce the light around the room.

It almost acts as a portal.

We also recently added these wooden corbels under the kitchen cabinetry
when I painted them a soft white, Ben Moore's 'Easter Lily.'

They have elevated our builder-grade cabinets to a new height of style.
It is one of the most inexpensive things you can do to make your kitchen more charming.

The architectural corbels help to anchor and frame the space
and add the personality that this little room lacked.

Just a few touches make rustic kitchen elegance
oh so easy!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow, Snow, Snow

It hasn't snowed all winter
and now all of a sudden it's February and it's decided to snow.


And what the hell is that in my photo...
I swear they're not worms.
It looks like some debris that scraped off my rusty chicken feeder.
Why am I not seeing that until right now???
Oh well, carry on...

Well, the KIDS got to play outside a bit this weekend
and experience a traditional winter as we know it.



I'm still ready for spring now.

These butter cream buds in aqua glass are my manifestation
of spring's pastels today.
Sending sunshine your way!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kelley's House at The Polished Pebble

In case you haven't heard, 
Kelley from The Polished Pebble
has two extraordinary features out in print this month!

I have been inspired by Kelley's use of color
and design style in home decor since I found her blog a few years ago.


Well, she's just been featured by 
Vintage Style
Flea Market Decor.
(Because other people love her style, too!)


If you want to see the coolest kitchen EVER,
(those green jars are having me green with envy),

hop on over to The Polished Pebble 
and get your daily fix of fresh and fabulous.

Congrats, Kelley!
LOVE those vintage wooden signs!

(all photos are of Kelley's printed features)
The Polished Pebble

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