Friday, June 29, 2012

yoo-WHO, Part 2

Back in the saddle again,

and today we're running part two on you-WHO.

(as I stated in my last post.

Dan doesn't refer to this symbol as a Union Jack,

he just calls it "The WHO.")

Check it...

1930s waterfall art deco full bed... dolled up with a Union Jack!

(now a companion to my 1930s art deco waterfall Union Jack dresser from last week)...

So heres' the before on my bed---

(yeah, she was DUMPED)

The kids were totally embarrassed as I attempted to shove this into the van

(as school was getting out,

and we were just a block away from the school,

and massive school buses were zooming by us).

They refused to help me this time and I was completely on my own.

After about three attempts to get her fitted into the vehicle,

we were on our merry way home

with the headboard and footboard wedged between them.

---And the now...

Sporting a distressed Union Jack,
she's now makin' a statement.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

yoo-WHO, Part 1 ( yes, there will be more)

Everyone calls it a "Unionjack,"

but Dan just calls it, "THE WHO."


Here's the prairie-dove we started with....

...picked up on the streets a little bit near where we work. 

It had to be shoved in the vehicle with the kids in there and everything.

Let us now ALL PAUSE and have our weekly same/old conversation:

"What are people DOING throwing out antique 1930s art deco waterfall dressers???"

"People must be crazy."

Back to our regularly scheduled Town and Prairie report.

So we sanded, brushed, repaired molding...

primed, painted and taped...

...and painted again...
(the facade was painted with a dirty mountain red and a green/grey blend)

...and sanded/distressed again...

...and waxed.

Then we added period appropriate hardware with a brilliant red and yellow brass finish.

Here are my teasers of "The Who" Dresser.


Bam!! Bam!!

It's one of my favorite pieces we've done so far.

I didn't have time to style her up with objects d-art before her photoshoot today,

but her imagery is pretty powerful and stands alone well.

She would be great as a dresser, flat-screen TV stand, or entry-way console.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sprinkles and Jellybeans

Aren't those delightful thoughts?

Sprinkles and jellybeans.

"Sprinkle" is the name of my new paint color...

...and "jellybean" is the shape of my desk!

I painted her cubbies,

and am pairing her with a cane-bottomed bentwood chair.

But these beauties were found as b-uglies on the street... my recylced/upcycled treasures have avoided the landfill

and are totally green.

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(Fiona, I'm doing an unconventional take on your phrase 'green' today)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rescue Me...

With the warm weather, it's getting much easier to find cool things!

People are cleaning out garages and moving objects d'art to the curb,


we reap what they sow.

My little table here was in need of a pick-me-up.

With a fresh coat of white paint, some sanding,

and a sweet little hand-painted postage stamp,

she's now ready to reside next to any summer sofa.

On the table top, I have some other summer thrifty pretties.

My Racine, Wisconsin Malted Milk glass jar only set me back three dollars.

My French dairy plate was also just three dollars at HomeGoods,

my favorite retailer

(besides the flea).

Isn't summer about cheap thrills, anyhow??

Make your home beautiful with just your pocket change.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summertime Table

Today we are featuring a beautiful 1940s table makeover.

Just in time for summer dining, this antique table was picked up in pieces.

I didn't even know if it would all fit together, but luckily, the prior owners were so nice

as to tape the hardware in a plastic baggie onto the legs.

Here is where the table began:

The legs were sanded down and then painted with Ben Moore paint and underbody.

I used White Chocolate again.

Then the legs were distressed and attached to the table top for a fitting!

She then had to be flipped over, sanded, primed and painted, distressed, and waxed on top.

I have worked on these antique tables before... they feature a wonderful

stow-away leaf.

And here she is again all freshened up for summer.

Beautiful antique turned legs..

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Southern Time Capsule Part 3: The Dickey House

Today's tour takes us to a very ornate southern plantation home.

The Dickey House is considered an excellent example of neoclassical architecture in the south.

The house is a Georgia classic from 1840 has 14 rooms and covers 6250 square feet.

Rooms like these are always my favorite.

This one was a work room.

I just love the floor.

There were multiple dining areas within the home.

This little one was just for children.

A beautiful music room...

...a study...

...a parlor...

...this little bedroom was called the BOYS' room...

...and this room was called the mother-in-law's room...

because I know you all have a fireplace in YOUR bedroom, right?

Pretty cozy to me!

How's that for some antebellum southern style for you!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Southern Time Capsule Part 2: Cookhouse, Slave Quarters, and an 1800s Barn

Continuing on our journey today of southern plantation life...

If you lived in a fancy manor 150 years ago, chances are it had a cookhouse.

A cookhouse was used to prepare food and do noisy laundry chores.

This reduced the chance of fire to the larger areas of living.

I wouldn't mind living in a cute little cottage like this today!

I love this little porch.

This would be a food preparation area....

...this would be for baking...

...and this room would be for laundry.

These images are of former slave quarters from a plantation.

You can see here how everything a family needed had

to be provided for in one room...

...and the other side of that room...

Finally, here's an old Georgia barn from the Civil War Era.

These old wheels just outside the entrance

provided some roundabout imagery.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing the fancy Dickey House, circa 1840 GA.

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