Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweet Fall Pinks

On my way around town last Friday
I spotted a sign that read, "Vintage Garage Sale,"
 with the littlest pink rocker at the end of the drive.

Alert! Alert!  Chippy goodness ahead!

Once I got out of the car, it was mine.
I sure thought it was nifty, but actually wasn't very thrifty...
it set me back $30.
I was sucked it by the nail head trim, suede seat, and
deep vintage pink paint.

into the truck she went,
and once we arrived home, my daughter claimed it as her own, of course,
that's the way she rolls around here.  
If the rocker....FITS...

So the little chippy rocker just had to get
some proper photos taken,
with some tiny white pumpkins and dried pink roses....

She's so shabby chic, and just perfect for any time of year, really:
crisp fall romance, winter's Valentine's preparation,
or spring pastel flavor.

Right now, she's still sitting in my front room,
but as SOON as Tahbies' room gets painted grey
(and the paint is in the garage ready to go, I just have to find the time)
she'll be transported upstairs to her room 
for book reviews and doll cuddling.

Wishing you all sweet moments in 
these warm fall days...

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Ma's 70th Birthday... and Bangs

My Ma turned 70 this past weekend.  
Please everyone, wish her a Happy 70th Birthday!!
She doesn't look 70, does she?
She is beautiful!

Here we are, the little Tahbies, me, Ma, & my brother.
Ma is ageless.  She works hard, but not "out," just in the yard
maintaining an extensive property.
Her workout is pushing a wheelbarrow.

Myself, I have cut some bangs.
I am losing the battle with gravity.
My stress wrinkles from work are more defined
and I'm not taking it so good.

I hope I will look like Ma at 70.

Dan said I need to start wearing 
cross your heart bra,
a babushka,
and start planting potatoes in a field as my heritage dictates.

29039 S Warner Bridge Rd, Manhattan, IL 60442

Okay, fine,
so where's my farm field, then??  
Get on that, Dan!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vintage Glam Fairy Pumpkins

I harvested an armload of wee mini-pumpkins today,
all of them a creamy ivory white.
I then decided they needed to be dressed up, of course!

This little September Cinderella vignette 
has them snuggled up in one of my bird nests
with some vintage jewels that were Grandma's,
 on her vintage Quaker lace linen.

These pumpkins are soooo sweetly tiny...
I can fit TWO of them in the nest!
Just the size of a rose bud
or a brooch,
they are almost naturally for dolls.

We grew them in the garden,
one of the only pumpkin varieties
 that survived the garden traumas this year.

I KNOW we planted more pumpkins...
I think they all succumbed to the squirrels love for freshly hoed earth.

Aren't they lovely,
such a perfect combination of textures, sparkles,
and reflected light.
It sparks a certain kinda woodsy Cinderella charm
that makes me want to break out the glass slippers,
if I actually had any.

Just perfect for a fairy or left behind by fairy god-mother's spell...
you'd almost expect one to pop out here
and sit awhile for my photo shoot.

My daughter has been leaving a small tea cup of milk
out for the fairies on these early autumn nights.

We're livin' in a sweet dream world right now.
She's totally into fairies.

Is it the fairies that drink the milk-
or the neighborhood cat?

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