Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Magic Door

My daughter calls it 'The Magic Door."

She knows it doesn't 'open,' and is confused by this at the moment,
so it's "The Magic Door."

Perhaps it opens us all to a world of enchantment.

O, the possibilities.

Is it where I've been hiding the last week and a half?

No, we've all been recovering from a bad case of the stomach flu over here,
each in a different capacity.

The sweet old door was found on the side of the road.

Someone purchased a steel one, and discarded the more charming one with the weekly trash.

We picked up this little old door and brought her home to dress her up.

She was actually quite heavy; she was a solid wood door.

With some added seating from the bunny bench to accompany her
(a birthday present from last year that I HAD TO HAVE),

she makes a great little backdrop for springtime photos.

Or anytime photos, really.

By the way, if you all have chickens...

...then you know how much they love to tear up your fresh mulch.

They love to investigate newly turned earth and will scratch it all out.

This landscaping is Mr. TP's handiwork.
We are quite happy with how it turned out.

My idea hatched and he executed.
Another oldie but a goodie saved from a landfill.

A rescued treasure, reused and restyled.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Time to Forage

Being as I'm home from work today, the chickens get some extra time to forage.

All you have to do is walk up to the coop and they are clamoring at the door to get out.

It's called being COOPED UP.

And.... they're off....

They just love being out after a rain to look for worms and bugs.

It did rain this morning...

...and so goes the weeping cherry.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Her Influence, or Mine?

You know there's a little girl in the farmhouse when...

...your angels no longer wear rosaries or vintage beads, but Day-Glo jellie bracelets...

...your vintage birdcage has had its contents removed and
it is now being inhabited by a plastic baby doll...

...and you find Grandma's porcelain egg
with the play food.

Now THAT'S style!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paint Them Yellow

Paint my world, Lord, paint my world.

Paint the spring bugles that trumpet spring's arrival.

Paint them yellow,

these earthen suns...

Their pure color a burst of energy singing

against the brown late winter landscape.

Paint them with such intensity that

their beauty simply cannot be matched.

We've all stopped to wonder

at earth's rebirth.

Yes.  We've all stopped to wonder.

And spring is new to me again, in her eyes.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Turn O'er and Look

I was driving to work and found a door cut in half at the curb.

The little door was an el cheapo, not an early 20th century original.

But, it had some little jewelry on it that sparkled at me from the side of the road.

Oh, how I love crystal knobs.

I did not have our tools handy (sometimes we drive around with them),

 so the little half- door was stashed in the van until we could get it home

and remove the glass knob.

(virtual both lips, both cheeks, smooch, smooch, smooch.)

She's now lovingly elevated

on my vintage metal birdbath.

Drive slowly,

study your surroundings...

...carry home the cast-offs.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Make A Joyful Noise

Oh, sweet delight!

A giveaway prize just for me!

Michele of Nook and Cranny has sent me some

delicious vintage styled millinery.

Indeed, life IS a little brighter, when we delve down deep

into the nooks and crannies of our soul,

studying the stitches that bind us all together in a prolific sort of way.

These two sweet vintage roses appear to be conversation with one another.

"My, you're looking lovingly blush today."

"Why, thank you, deep pink, and your curls are perfectly styled just so."

These darling custom lace trims will decorate

a wee romantic tree this winter.

I'm thinking this black burlap crow all decked out

in her sweet pink will be the tree topper.

Thank you, Michele, for sponsoring your giveaway

of these lovely shabby vintage tattered treasures.

My daughter already loves the birdie!

Everyone, you must stop by Nook and Cranny and see Michele's

beautiful ideas and adventures in repurposing flea market and auction finds

into new salvaged styled treasures.

Have a lovely Sunday evening!

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Sunday Best at My 1929 Charmer

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Do You Know a Carrier

There are things I would like to write but should not.

And so, I guess I won't.

It is not mine to share in this format,
in this moment.

It's not my story to tell.

But I can't get my mind off of it.
And it is heartbreaking.

I will say this:
I think there are carriers and travelers in this world.

I see a carrier as someone who carries a tremendous burden.
We can sometimes help that person lighten their load by shining a light on their dark days,
or offer to carry the load, too, when the opportunity arrises.
And, most importantly,  we can pray for them.

And there are travelers... whose concerns are lofty and superfluous.  Meaningless.
Their souls can be bought and sold.
The travelers never seem to get the short end of the stick in life.

The traveler may traverse many physical miles in a lifetime and waste and squander their precious
God-given minds, bodies, and souls.

The carrier sojourns through their lifetime recognizing life is like a fragile flower.

Sometimes they carry more than their fair share.

The crosses they carry are sometimes so heavy ...

... it seems as if the whole world is against them.

And the flowers bend to the wind,
trying to withstand the storm.

(And thank you all for your dear comments,  but please...
do not be concerned for me, but my dear friend "K" could use some extra prayers)
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Handful of Faith in a Threadbare Purse

Sometimes, little things are precious things

Tiny and miniscule to some, extraordinary and sentimental to others.

I'm a snoop.  I confess.

I used to pour over every item in my grandmother's home.

As a child, I spent so much time there, it was my second home.

I could still take a mental tour and walk myself through each and every room and its contents.

In a bedroom, in an armoire, was this little wooden box.

One proper day of childhood investigation and inquisitiveness demanded that I take a closer look.

So, I sat down on the bed with my treasure chest.

Inside was a little zippered black pouch, some holy medals, and a wedding ring.

The little pouch was even repaired with some small stitches at one point.

Inside the tiny pouch was a black-beaded rosary and a quarter for alms.

The quarter has a little patina from being zippered up with the rosary for so many years.

At some point here, I can remember my grandmother walking through the door.

"Before you were born, my mother died. 
I found her, laying in the snow on the side of the house. 
She was walking to church (two blocks away) and had a stroke. 
This little black purse was in her hand when I found her. 
She always took her rosary to church
and an offering. 
This was hers, and so I keep it, just the way she had it"

And now it is mine

to keep just the way she had it.

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