Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jus Veggin'

I found some awesome NEW granny square afghans
at a garage sale for $2 each!

I thought maybe we could use them in the vintage camper reno,
but for now they're in my front room.
One is a multi-colored pattern, 
and the other has orange, red, pink, and white.

It's kinda my bright way of adding a little vintage autumn coziness
to the home.  Most of my palette is soft, so these
lovelies add some intensity.

My sofa-bench is my favorite spot to vegg now when I need a cat nap.

I won't be curlin' up with a blankie tonight,
it was 97 degrees today and they let out school early 
because we haven't any A/C in the building.

Today I need to just COOL off and VEGG
 sans new blankie.

So I will appreciate my fall beauties today
from afar and hope for a cool down.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Elf On A....'59 Zenith?

Yes, Elf on Shelf 
is on a radio right now...

We found this little radio at a garage sale last week for $10...

and thought a little re-do would make it a perfect
tube radio to listen to music in our retro-themed Christmas camper,
Summer Holiday,
which we are in the process of renovating.

A little yellow paint,
a bow with a toadstool mushroom,
and a wee little elf complete the radio's makeover.

Just a little paint and hot glue
brought this radio
into a new vintage reality.

There are a few new updates to the
vintage camper, which I'll post soon...

but for now, we're jammin' on the driveway
to three stations with a warm tinny-sound.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Pop Bottle Crates

We say POP around here! 
I just love vintage crates, they are so hard to pass up
with vintage graphics and weathered wood, it's pure utilitarian Americana.

At $10 each on average, it adds such character to a room.
Here, I had Dan build me a cabinet for my crates to store art supplies.

On the top, I keep a vintage Coke tray.
This is great for flowers, or a cup with paint brushes in it if I'm working.

The first FleaMarket Style magazine inspired this little cabinet.

I saw it in the story and had to have one.

We skipped the bun feet and added casters for mobility.

The corners are held together with corner bead,
which also supports the crates as drawers on the inside.

A well divided tray can help corral all those loose paint bottles
and keep you color-coded and organized!

I'll be picking more of these up in the future,
they're just so cute,
for books, magazines, flowers, remotes, utensils, anything!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chippy Chalkware

I have some fabulous red and aqua
chalkware finds to share with you,
perfect summer finds.

These figures are known as the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I acquired these last week at the antique mart
and they stand about 14" tall.

I really wanted to hit a good flea this summer, but whenever they were around,
we couldn't go!
So I have really been scouring the thrift stores, etc.
to see what's in town.

I count these as a good summer find.
I didn't really have any chalkware
and now I have two.

The Jesus was just $12, 
and the chippy Mary is uber chippy
and was gifted to me,
probably so they can stay together.

The colors are very saturated and intense, 
the red, aqua, and ivory color scheme is incredibly vintage,
and I am enjoying their bright colors as summer comes to a close.

Soon it will be time for fall browns
and autumn posts, but I'm trying to squeeze in my last bit
of ocean blue and dipped roses
before the leaves begin to turn.

School has started and is VERY stressful.
Anyone in education knows
that this field is in the process of undergoing
a technological revolution
and it is VERY hard on teachers.
I usually do not talk about work online, but
it is only mid-August and already my stress level is at mid-October point,
so this is early.

 I am very much reflecting on what it means to be a teacher
and just how much weight is on our shoulders.

And I just want to enjoy the rest of summer before it's gone, too.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Breakfast for Two in the Morning Sun

...in an imaginary world!

School starts THIS WEEK, so
it's actually more like-
who's going to go let the dogs out, they're up.

Ok, now make the coffee,

...and wash the dishes from last night's snack.

Do we need to run a load of laundry before we go to work
so we have clean soccer practice clothes this afternoon?

This garbage stinks, 
it needs to go...


No one made the kids' lunches last night??

Hurry up, it's raining,
bring the dogs in,
wipe their feet.


Go change your shirt.

You put your bag in the car, but you didn't put mine in the car?

My coffee got left on the counter.

We left Subby's trumpet at home,
turn around and go back.

What's that old song??
"Back to life... Back to reality!!"

So did you like my Grandma's dreamy wedding china?
One can dream, right?

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baby Dainty Rides Again!

On a chicken, on top of my refrigerator!

Why is she all the way up there?

Well, last week, Baby Girl and I went to the antique mart
and her eye caught this vintage toy high chair,  
upon which she promptly started convincing me of the need for it.
(It was the perfect size for a lot of her babies).

So, okay, onto check-out.
Mr. Mike, our friend at the antique mart,
gave my daughter the 1920s composite Effanbee Baby Dainty doll as well...

...and told her the baby needed a mommy
because she had leprosy.

We took Baby Dainty home,
and she is a super cool dolly,

but because the paint is flaking badly
(it literally comes off in flakes in my hand)
and MY Baby Girl isn't really to be trusted,
I have kept her out of reach.

Has anyone had experience with
old dolls having lead-based paint in the finishes?
Until I hear otherwise,
or until Baby Girl is a little bit older,
this blue-eyed
Baby Dainty with the hot lips
will stay perched on her chicken.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Havin' Snacks with Vintage Styling

We were all in the mood 
for some gooey chocolate cake or something
so I had to throw together some cake mix fast.

And really, who can have gooey chocolate without milk?  Hmm?

This milk bottle is perfect for a table top snack fest.
I love my vintage themed milk bottle ~ from the Home Goods~.
I should have bought more when I saw them,
I'm thinking now that they would look great in a group.

The blue labeling looks so crisp and pastoral 
against the white milk.
Yep, I'm getting that Gretchen the milkmaid feeling,
I think you are, too.

My little yellow cow plate is a Home Goods find, too,
from many years ago already.
If you're looking for one now,
they are long gone.

This little yellow plate is perfect for 
a little snack, or even a stick of butter.

I haven't been to my Home Goods in awhile, but this weekend 
I may need to check in.
You never know what you will find for just a few dollars!

Have a great weekend
and good luck with thrifty finds!
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