Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Check this out...

Well, I just happened to find this on the news-stand last night.  I was tickled because I love this magazine and this is only the third issue that's come out, I believe.  I like it because we love to garden, have animals and someday dream of moving to a ten acre farm with its own water source.  It has really good articles on livestock, food preservation (which we will be blogging about as the harvest comes in) and DIY farm-type projects.

As of now, our property is limited to (almost) an acre, with some chickens and rabbits and (one) dog (currently). 

There were some really cool articles in this issue... like this one about the couple who live in a teepee.  I am not joking.

That kind of goes beyond my limit.  I'm talkin' more of just a small house on a hillside with some out-buildings for goats and turkeys.  I think we might be able to get away with maybe two tiny babydoll sheep here, but I'm not sure how the neighbors would handle it.  Or my perennials.

There is another neat-o article about turkeys, too, which I have an interest in.  We thought about getting a few this spring, but a few drawbacks prevented us from makin' the final leap through Randall Burkey:  1)  we would have to build a separate structure from the chickens because they cannot be housed together and we really didn't have the funds or energy to build one in the two week time frame we were deciding within, and 2) I learned through my reading that turkeys can and will fly.  We would definitely need a run with a closed off top. 

There is definitely still room for deliberation on topic:turkeys.  We have been known to make *what.were.we.thinking* decisions in the past.  We will see what happens.

Until then, the girls roam the yard.

And they haven't any room to complain because they are well-taken care of.

Don't you think that sometimes (for you animal lovers out there) that your pets often eat better than you do??  Here you can see the girls are looking better.  Their feathers are filling in after their molt and they don't look so scruffy now.

More gardening news to come...


Pam said...

That looks like a cute magazine. Your chickens are adorable. I love that last photo of them among the chair and watering can. BTW, my sister used to have chickens a few years ago and they would always chase me. I don't know what I ever did to them, but I was the only one they would do that too. With everyone else they were pretty calm and lovable.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Australia! I followed your link from Primitive and proper and I love what you have done with your blog. I also love your chickens:) I am new to blogging too, so I hope we can be friends.

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