Thursday, August 4, 2011

In the Garden

It has been extremely hot here in the midwest.  The garden, however, is still thriving.  It is mainly my husband's project.  He built the raised beds, planted his plants, and tends to watering it.  So many times people drive past and say, "WHAT do you put on your garden?" 

Answer: "Water."

Secretly: (...and compost).

Here is one side of the garden... you can see the herbs and strawberries.  These are new beds that were added this year.  (I think he has twelve altogether).  (That's our neighbor's house in the background).

In the central beds we have tomatoes on the far left (they are honestly taller than myself), cucumbers, onions, pole beans, bush beans, peppers, and zucchini.

On this far side we have corn, pumpkins (which look like they are taking over), and a variety of squash and gourds.

This bad-boy we purchased at Farm and Fleet this spring.  It is really neat, but, sometimes it scares me.  The blades swivel really fast when there is wind and I have more than once had a thought about decapitation.  Double check the screws and carry on.  That is a vine growing around it, and this is on the vine.....

I am not exactly sure WHAT it is...but it's HUGE.  I think it is a snake gourd.  The boys selected a bunch of random seeds at the Farm and Fleet this spring and they picked whatever looked cool and interesting or had a weird name.

This little guy is growing in size and already made his way out of the bed!  Great texture on his skin.

Had a great omelet yesterday with fresh eggs, peppers, and tomatoes!!  As soon as all the tomatoes start to come around (you know they all ripen at the same time) we're makin' some spaghetti sauce.

Here's to growing!


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Kristal said...

Again, something else I wish I could do. Think I am just going to work on a small container garden for now. We just moved into this house it has taken me longer than I thought to get everything organized. And now I'm trying to start refinishing furniture. *sigh* I have a lot to do ~ LOL!!

Thanks for following. I am returning the favor. And am looking forward to more post from ya!


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