Saturday, August 27, 2011


It was totally my fault.  I fed them some timothy hay last night, in the dark, and the latch must not have caught properly.  Pearl got out.  Sharkey got Pearl.

Of course, I do not blame the dog.  I love my dog, and I loved my rabbit.  What happened was a result of my doing.  And the dog was honestly not eating my rabbit.  She was playing with her...a little too rough for the bunny to withstand.  Boxers are high energy dogs and love to play, play, play. 

When you have lots of critters, there's a higher chance for losing your critters.  Eventually, in a way, you become a little desensitized to it.  I feel bad that I didn't cry.  I was more angry with myself that I hadn't closed the latch properly.  We have lost so many pets in the last few years.  We lost a chicken two months ago, and I'm pretty sure it was the one my son took to show and tell.  I've read that they don't always do so well with crowds and germs.  We lost our two dogs of ten years last year, which we felt terribly about, and then adopted a shelter dog which went after my baby girl...and he had to go back.  I felt bad about that, too.  Not so much good luck with pets lately.

And so, Pearl lies in our flower garden.  Smokey, my other Angora, will have to be alone for awhile until I can locate another.  I don't want her to be alone forever.

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Katie said...

I'm so sorry about Pearl. It's never easy to lose a pet.

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