Friday, August 12, 2011

Clyde's Girl

About the time we found Clyde (prior post) my husband found a straggly lookin' prairie dove (I think the very next night, actually, that's one reason she was coined "Clyde's Girl."

Note to new prairie chickens:  a prairie dove is also known as a lady of the night street walker from the wild west.

I KNOW!!!  I am really bad about taking 'before' photos.  At the time this picture was taken, she was obviously already  redone.   We were working really fast that week and pumping out a bunch of work and just didn't get the photos taken that we should have.  Does she look familiar?

(She is also featured in our header photograph).

When this sister was brought home, she was so grimy with filth I almost wished he had left her on the corner.  But, he saw her potential.  And, with a little Mr. Clean spray-cleaner, and some serious scrubbing, the grime was off.  (She had to have been kept in a damp garage or something to be that ucky.

She was also about three different colors: two tones of golden yellow, and then someone had spray-painted her silver (on her hardware, no less, way over done like a trollup), too.   She also had the name "Aaron" scratched onto her side, which my husband sanded and buffed out.   She also had a new backerboard nailed on by him.  As we worked on her, I actually felt kind of bad for her.  I had a feeling she did not like whoever Aaron was.

She only needed a cleaning, a little primer, and two-coats of latex.  That 'orphan' paint had really good coverage!

The other reason we decided to name her "Clyde's Girl" was because we used the left-over paint from Clyde to dress her up----
 so they match, like a "His and Hers."


vikki said...

I can't believe all you girls finding all these cool items. Our town does not do large trash pick ups so there is never anything on the side of the road. I wish I could find some of the cool stuff I see posted here. Love all you have done with them. I am your newest follower.

lauryn said...

you are amazing at restyling furniture. i am completely amazed. thank you for the sweet comment on my site. i would love if you entered the giveaway going on! i am a new follower.

{love} lauryn @

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