Monday, August 1, 2011


prairie dove, (noun), -term used to identify ladies of the night during the times of the wild west, also known as a soiled dove.  Sometimes they hung out in brothels and sang sweet tunes to cowboys.  Sometimes they ran their own joint out of a shack.  Sometimes they wandered the streets.  In your own way, I know you have encountered a lady of the night.

How many times have you encountered a prairie dove?  Maybe she was sittin' on the curbside and you just couldn't go past without reachin' out for a feel.  Maybe you brought her home.  Or, maybe you thought again... and left her on the corner.

Often, she is tired and worn out looking.  Trashed or tipsy, one leg out in the street, maybe even dumped over on her backside.  Sometimes she is broken and abused.  Names scratched into her or AC/DC tats drawn on with a permanent marker.  Open her drawers and you may find a list of lovers' phone numbers just written on her insides. 

Sometimes, a good pick is just too good to pass up. 

You know you do it. 

Sometimes you pick up a prairie dove who needs a little TLC.  A dove who could really be a jewel if someone just gave her the time of day to turn her around.

This particular pick is our electric organ.  She functions just fine and has had a place of honor in our front room for over two years now.  When found, she was laying on the street side.  She was a jaundiced yellow and had a broken leg.  She was destined for the incinerator without assistance. 

Well, those girls do love lovin'.  She has been rehabilated and reformed.  She will no longer wander the streets at dusk lookin'/hopin' for a pick up.

In fact, she rather enjoys our company, I think.  Now she gets the opportunity to get dressed up for the holidays and have little children play with her ribbons and keys.

I think people overlook potential all the time.  Second chances can be sweet.  And beautiful.

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Katie said...

Love this post--beautiful organ!

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