Saturday, August 6, 2011

Little Girl Draws

There comes a time as an artist when I am delighted when my children finally start showing an interest in art. 

Of course, I have provided them with opportunities to draw, paint, color, sculpt, etc.  But it is gratifying when they independently begin to do this on their a choice in their daily activities.

Of course, can I really get mad?  I asked my daughter, just like this,

"WHO DID THIS???" which she replied, "ME!!" 
"Why, oh, why did you do this?"
"Mommy, I LOVE markers SO MUCH!!"

Wait!  It gets better!
Let's go downstairs...

Sharpie.  WHY did it have to be SHARPIE??
Took it right out of the drawer.

"YEAH!  I make a little circle...make it PRETTY!"

Oh, yes, folks, that is the kitchen table.  Decorated by baby-girl.  The mark is actually more prominent than it appears; the photo happens to be a little dark. 

She is joining our club of artists at large who transform just because.



Anonymous said...

Oh dear! At least she is creative:)Try whiteboard marker to remove the sharpie. That's what I use on my desks etc at school and it sometimes takes it out. Just scribble right over the sharpie with the whiteboard marker and rub it off straight away. Good luck!

Anita said...

Oh no! But you're 100% right...I couldn't stay mad with an answer like that!

Terry said...

Hey, all she sees you doing is painting furniture, so why not her with markers? It will just give you an excuse to paint these pieces.

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