Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sweet Flowers Spring Hope Eternal

My bulbs have finally started to poke through the ground after 
a long cold spring...
and I decided to snip a few for the table. 

We need a pop of color in here after all to breathe some freshness into the home.
This has been the longest week...I think we have all watched the man-hunt non-stop
when the tv or internet has been available.

I am so saddened by the Boston bombing, especially for the
sweet little boy 
they keep showing photographed in his first communion suit.

Our son makes his first communion in two weeks,
and we just made his felt banner a few days before that tragic event occurred,
so I naturally I cannot help but get choked up over that photo.

And while I am glad they have apprehended those perpetrators,
as a mother
I cannot help but feel sorry 
for the bomber handcuffed to his bed
and wonder what went wrong...
And maybe you're mad for me thinking that, but-

I am sure his parents did not intend for him to turn out this way...

...bringing him to America to get an education, to learn, to become something,
only to have him throw it all away and hurt others
with the global press playing watchdog.

His father looks heartbroken... know his child has caused harm.

It must be very difficult to accept.
How can you ever find happiness in even a backyard flower again?

I hope this young man is able to reconcile
with himself what he has done
and to ask God's forgiveness for the unfathomable hurt he has caused
to so many people that he never even knew.

We have to hope...
for the sake of humanity
and the sake of our own angry hearts.
Forgiveness is always the hardest thing to do.

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NanaDiana said...

I know what you mean- to forgive that which seems unforgivable goes against human nature. It is only through the grace of God that we are able to do that. I am heartsick over the loss of that precious young life- all of those lives actually.

I feel for the parents of those men, too. I am sure when Mom held them in her arms as babies she did not know she was raising killers....that evil in the world would transcend all the love she poured into them.

Hope you have a good week and your bright little harbingers of Spring are beautiful- xo Diana

Debra@CommonGround said...

your blooms are so pretty. love the yellow with the great blue jars. I do understand your feelings. young people can be so easily influenced. It's sad to see the wrong choices that can be made and where they get you. I know you'll be so proud when your little guy makes his first communion. blessings, Andrea xoxo

Red Rose Alley said...

Only one thing to say here...

May God bless you for your beautiful heart. You have more perspective than most people I know.


Unknown said...

I love the flowers in the aqua jar. Last week was such a hard week. I couldn't stop listening to the radio and news. I just couldn't stop thinking about all of the families involved.

SImple and Serene Living said...

The whole thing is heartbreaking and I grieve for everyone involved. It is so sad that that young man has destroyed so many lives including his own. I know that all I can do is pray for everyone involved.

Prims By The Water said...

Pretty daffodils! I had some pink hyacinths blooming until it snowed yesterday..YUK Janice

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Beautiful blooms but such a sad post!! What a terrible thing that happened, wasn't it?

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Unknown said...

I was SO happy to read this Andrea - I had a very very rough week last week and I'm sure this episode had a lot to do with it ( these things stay with me for a long time ) AND I'm so glad you spoke about the boy handcuffed to the bed - because I too have been wondering what happened in his world that he thought this was ok - everyone says he was such a great person - what the hell happened?
It's all so complex - and terrifying as a parent. There's too much hate in this world - far far too much. We have to choose to love, even in the face of such heinous acts.

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